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The new DLC is now available to all players of Ubisoft's open-world game. Watch Dogs 'Bad Blood' gets new trailer The last-gen Assassin's Creed is spotted on uPlay and given an age rating. Assassin's Creed Rogue coming to PC? Anyone interested can apply to take part in the closed beta from Tuesday, September 30. The Crew to enter closed beta next week Assassin's Kittens Unity sees felines take on the roles of Ubisoft's assassins. Watch cute kittens re-enact Assassin's Creed The game's creative director on not falling into traps and pushing player expression. What can we expect more of in Watch Dogs 2? The 'most accessible' entry in Ubisoft's dance series launches for smartphones. Watch Just Dance Now's launch trailer Assassin's Creed Unity contains thousands of combinations of items and weapons. Watch the new Assassin's Creed Unity trailer The new Far Cry 4 trailer looks at the sadistic side of Pagan Min. Far Cry 4 bundles announced with trailer The creative director says the story will be the best in the genre, but one you can ignore. The Crew story 'is best ever in a racer' The open-world realisation of the United States is the star in Ubisoft's online racer. Extensive hands-on with racer The Crew The team behind Child of Light is now part of the core team at Ubisoft Montreal. Ubisoft "proud" of Child of Light Andy Serkis narrates from the point of view of a "charismatic revolutionary". Assassin's Creed gets interactive Paris tour Ubisoft suggests the game holds that record even after Destiny made its debut. Watch Dogs 'still fastest-selling property' 'Welcome to the Abyss' adds ten new tracks and 24 challenges to the game. Trials Fusion next expansion for October Available exclusively from Amazon, both versions contain 1080p visuals. Rocksmith 2014 announced for Xbox One, PS4 Ubisoft Montreal says it has 'ambitious' plans for the future of Watch Dogs. 'Ambitious' plans for Watch Dogs' future Ubisoft details the contents of the season pass for its upcoming adventure game. Assassin's Creed Unity offers bonus game The 'most accessible' version of Ubisoft's Just Dance launches this month. Just Dance Now launch date announced Ubisoft unveils the first co-op gameplay trailer for its upcoming action game. Watch Assassin's Creed Unity's new trailer The promo shows the elephants trampling enemies and the environment. Far Cry 4 trailer showcases elephants Ubisoft reveals full tracklist for the latest entry in its dance game franchise. Just Dance 2015 full tracklist revealed New trailer highlights the upcoming multiplayer racing game's social elements. Watch new 'social' trailer for The Crew New video introduces a Heist mission in the underground passages of the Hôtel-Dieu. Watch new demo for Assassin's Creed Unity Ubisoft's open-world hacking game broke records when it launched in May. Watch Dogs for Wii U November release Assassin's Creed: Birth of a New World - The American Saga launches this October. New Assassin's Creed compilation announced We revisit the game that marked the debut of Ubisoft's company mascot. Rayman revisited: Punch-packing platformer The video looks at the game's snowcapped locations and upgraded sailing gameplay. Assassin's Creed Rogue given gameplay video The upcoming DLC will first become available to Watch Dogs Season Pass holders. Watch Dogs 'Bad Blood' DLC dated Creative director Alex Hutchinson promises that Kyrat will offer bags of variety. How big is the world of Far Cry 4? The creative director explains the world of Kyrat, villain Pagan Min, co-op and more. We chat to Ubisoft about Far Cry 4 Ubisoft says the extra wait for the game is "going to be worth it". Assassin's Creed Unity delayed by Ubisoft UK retailer Zavvi is also advertising new-gen versions of the game. Rocksmith 2014 coming to Xbox One and PS4? Dan Jeanotte discusses the evolution of new Assassin's Creed lead Arno Dorian. Assassin's Creed lead promises complex story Ubisoft exec says the game 'could be magical' for Nintendo's latest console. Ubisoft: Smash Bros will help Wii U sales Female gamers have increased by 8% since a previous study in 2010. Women playing more games than teenage boys The new free-to-play mobile game blends card battle, strategy and RPG elements. Assassin's Creed Memories out now on iOS 'Empire of the Sky' features new editor objects, track challenges and more. Trials Fusion receives new DLC Participating stores will open after hours on August 28 and August 29. Far Cry 4 playable at GAME next week Ubisoft also rules out the release of mature games on the Wii U. Ubisoft not making last-gen games after 2015 Users will be able to fast track item unlocks by spending cash. New Assassin's Creed has microtransactions