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No time to hesitate... the new Attitude's out.

He's hot. He's probably had Madonna's crotch in his face. And he's got his top off in this month's Attitude. He is... Jay Revell from the 'Hung Up' video.

Jay Revell, Attitude magazine

© Attitude

Jay Revell, Attitude magazine

© Attitude

These smokin' hot shots are taken from the March issue of Attitude, which features Daniel Radcliffe on the cover wearing a lovely Jil Sander jumper that apparently costs as much as THIRTEEN tickets to see Madonna in Hyde Park this summer.

Daniel Radcliffe, Attitude magazine

© Attitude

Of course, not everything comes back to Madonna (though post-Super Bowl, most things probably should). We hate to get too seriousface on you, but the latest Attitude is an important one - it's a special anti-homophobic bullying youth issue in which Daniel Radcliffe reveals himself to be a genuine mensch. After reading the interview, we actually felt bad for falling asleep during at least four of the Harry Potter films.

Anyway, the new Attitude is out now both "on tablet" and "on newsstands" and if you avoid the horribly shonky review of the Lana Del Rey album, you'll have absolutely no regrets. Yes, like just You Know Who circa 1995.

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